Computer Networking

The development of the network infrastructure is an essential element in the success of any business. SMAD offers its clients’ needs with persistence and dedication to ensure you are equipped with the best networking solutions possible. Whether it’s the complex design or the initial setup of the infrastructure, we have the skills and experience that are necessary to get the job done right. SMAD provides cost effective solutions by suggesting only what you need for a smooth running operation.

These days the greatest asset a company has is its information!  That information needs to be accessible to your employees at all times, and when the information is available, productivity is at its greatest, but if the information is not available, (Document’s Customer Information, Vendors List, etc) productivity becomes and absolute zero.  Therefore computer networks need to be constantly monitored and maintained in order to run a smooth operation, so that you can focus on further growing the business.

All of our network wiring and cabling jobs are installed and tested by our experienced technicians. We offer a variety of packages to suit our clients’ needs. So whether it’s a computer network setup or an advanced telephone setup, we can assist you.

Versatile Solutions

SMAD Solutions does not stop at building computer networks; we offer versatile solutions that adapt to your business needs. Whether you are a one man operation or a multi-national corporation, we have the services that connect you to your clients, while providing a seamless connection between your offices and off-site employees.

SMAD’s offers the latest in technology and service, thus making us unparalleled to our competition.

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System Backup

Backing up data is highly crucial for a business in an event of a disaster, failure or loss. An effective strategy and technology should be in presence to avoid risk of losing valuable data. Dependable backup and restore operations should be an essential element in today’s ever-changing world. Unfortunately, numerous organizations learn its value after losing crucial amounts of data

Preparation for disaster is an essential component to any business, especially nowadays where businesses rely on computers and the internet to run.

Disasters can happen at any time without notice, but the damage can be prevented if not reduced.

SMAD provides IT consultation on how to plan and implement disaster recovery for your business.

We review your current computer network, and come up with ways to minimize damage that can be caused through a disaster.

With years of expertise housing and recovering storage, SMAD offers viable Data recovery and storage solutions.

Virtual Private Networks

Properly Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow remote users the access to company files, data and applications. With SMAD’s VPN solution, your employees have the ability to remotely access your company based information, emails and server applications. From a basic setup to a more complex setup, SMAD carries solutions for any type of business.

Today, VPN solutions are becoming more of a norm, and SMAD is always keen on looking for opportunities in meeting your needs. Although VPN is becoming more advanced, so are the threats that oppose against it. SMAD also ensures that our clients utilize the best security features. With our service, your information is always encrypted with the strongest methods, ensuring that your company data is accessible by only to authorized users.

SMAD maintains all software and hardware configurations so that you may have the best security and performance.

Typical Scenario’s where VPN are needed:

  • In an environment where users require off site access to critical data.
  • Companies looking to extend geographically and accessing corporate files and emails becomes a necessity

Benefits of VPN service:

  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Fully control the functionality of your office PC from home
  • Multi-user file sharing
  • Access files securely, transfer and backup all files to or from Unix, Linux or Apple servers
  • Connect with Co-workers via VPN networks for business meetings or consulting
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Communication’s Cabling

SMAD offers versatile cabling solutions for SOHO’s (Small Offices/Home Offices), and medium to large sized businesses. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then SMAD is for you. Call us today to get a free, no obligation quote.

  • Are you looking for a company that is experienced in all types of cabling systems, such as Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber Optic, Voice Communication and more?
  • Are you moving or relocating your office? Are you looking for a company that can offer professional services and get your business up and running with minimum downtime?
  • Are you looking for a company that can offer turn-key solutions, with minimum hassle?
  • Are you looking for somebody that can speak in layman terms and explain how you should proceed with your communication cabling?

Fortunately, SMAD can offer all of the above, and more. We specialize in all types of cabling systems, so there is no need to contact multiple companies.

But How Do I Know What Cabling Is Required?

Many people know they need some sort of cabling infrastructure, but are unsure about how they should proceed. Our technicians provide detailed and simple information on how your cabling infrastructure should be designed.

All Companies Claim The Same Thing As You! How Are You Any Different?

You’re right; all IT companies offer cabling services. How is SMAD any different? SMAD employs professionals who are experienced in all types of cabling systems. Above all, we ensure our technicians follow strict ethics when it comes to cabling. Anybody can open a ceiling panel and throw in a cable. However, we take extra time to ensure that you’re cables are run in a professional manner. We tie down cables to secure them, we make sure they do not run parallel to power grids that may cause signal noise, we make sure they are stapled in a neat manner when possible. All of these things and more, help ensure that your communications network is stable, and smooth, decreasing and potential downtime to your business.

Whether you are upgrading your current phone network, or computer network, or moving into a new location, SMAD offers the best solutions in the industry, while specializing in providing sustainable, efficient, cost-effective and quality data cabling network services.
We have technicians that are trained in planning networks, and implementing those designs which are tailored to your business needs.  There is more to networking services than just connecting cables to hardware; in order to ensure uniterupted speeds and 
signal, there are a multitude of designs and protocols that need to be taken into consideration.

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Telephone Systems

Introducing SMAD’s SwiftVoice™ Phone System (PBX) technologies.  Using advanced VoIP technology, SwiftVoice™ utilizes the power of the internet to increase your company’s communication systems while lowering the cost.  The SwiftVoice™ system is flexible and utilizes your office’s existing infrastructure allowing both voice and data to travel simultaneously.

Compared to legacy PBX systems, the SwiftVoice™ system offers a new wave of functionality to your business.  Our IP-PBX systems allow virtually unlimited possibilities.  From connecting your regional offices into one number, to allowing your employees to work from home, our system covers it all.

Operate Your Business “From Sydney, While Sitting In Toronto”

Do you operate your business from multiple locations?  Do most of your customers live in a city other than yours?  Have you ever wondered how you can eliminate this communication barrier?  Thanks to the SwiftVoice™ system, this is no longer a problem!  Give your customers the convenience of calling a local number while still staying connected with your office in a different city.  The SwiftVoice™ system allows you to choose any number in the world for your office, all while keeping your communications cost low.

Seamlessly Connect Remote Offices or Employees Into a Unified Network

These days, the cost of hiring employees and contractors can be lowered by allowing them to work from a place that is convenient for them.  With the SwiftVoice™ PBX system, you can eliminate the communication barrier and always stay in touch with your employees or regional offices.  With virtually unlimited extensions every asset of your organization can have a phone.  Have a lot of account representatives that travel? Use the follow-me service to connect with them without the need of a secretary.  Your employees can now be independent.  They can be anywhere in the world and seem like they are speaking from your central office.

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Web Solutions

Web Site Design

Your website is often a potential client’s first point of contact with your business. This means that it’s vital that you make a good impression. A well designed site ensures that your users’ first impression is a positive one.

Driven approach are what set us apart from the typical service providers.  We are known for creating unmatched return on investment for our clients.


SMAD Solutions focuses on creating websites which are both attractive and functional. A website which contains nice graphics but is difficult to navigate around will result in your user going elsewhere. Similarly, a site with good content which is poorly designed with bad layouts will have the same result.


A website should be designed so that visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily and perform any operations intuitively. Sites that make things hard to find or cause confusion will result in the user getting frustrated or giving up. There are various usability guidelines which we adhere to:

  • Site Navigation should be clear and consistent across the whole site. Familiarity means happy users.
  • Information should be grouped into sensible sections with meaningful titles. This will help users find what they are after quickly.
  • Wherever a user has to interact with the site – filling in a form for example – help them out as much as possible. Providing clear instructions, sample entries, meaningful error messages etc. all these key factors improve the users chance of performing the operation successfully.

Attractive Design

SMAD Solutions produces websites which are not only usable, but also feature attractive design. Our sites comprise of clean layouts which get your message across effectively. We can work with your existing branding, taking into account corporate guidelines, or if you wish come up with something completely new.

SMAD also provides professional Internet strategy solutions.  Apart from SMAD’s Web Solutions, we specialize in CMS development, training programs, and strong search engine optimization services.

SMAD features an in-house team of experts, including consultants, designers, marketing professionals and more.  We have your business covered every step of the way. SMAD is here to deliver and get you to the top of the web.

The following is a partial list of the web solutions we provide:

  • Web design/development service
  • Website contract services (monthly maintenance)
  • Web Hosting
  • Internet Marketing (SEO)
  • Web training
  • CMS Integration(Content Management Systems)
  • Web Market Analysis
  • Strategy and Planning

Search Engine Optimization

The days where customers used go through Yellow Pages,  or newspapers and magazines to look for services are over!  Over 90% of the time consumers are searching the internet for services and if your company does not have a strong internet presence or does not show up on search engines, then your missing out!

OR, your company  may already have a website for your business, but you cannot find it anywhere on the search engines like Google!  The solution to that is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization!  SMAD offers proven methods and techniques to raise your search engine presence. Imagine people searching for “flower shop”  on Google, and your site being on the first page, well…… We can make that happen!

Choosing the right SEO firm is not only important, but vital for success. It is common knowledge that if there are no leads, there are no sales. Stay ahead of your competitors and make the right choice.  

We analyze your website needs and weaknesses, map out a strategic plan to improve search engine rankings, and generate high volume traffic based on indepth keyword research.  We will help you every step of the way making sure  that your business stays ahead of the competition!

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