Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

Introducing SMAD’s SwiftVoice™ Phone System (PBX) technologies.  Using advanced VoIP technology, SwiftVoice™ utilizes the power of the internet to increase your company’s communication systems while lowering the cost.  The SwiftVoice™ system is flexible and utilizes your office’s existing infrastructure allowing both voice and data to travel simultaneously.

Compared to legacy PBX systems, the SwiftVoice™ system offers a new wave of functionality to your business.  Our IP-PBX systems allow virtually unlimited possibilities.  From connecting your regional offices into one number, to allowing your employees to work from home, our system covers it all.

Operate Your Business “From Sydney, While Sitting In Toronto”

Do you operate your business from multiple locations?  Do most of your customers live in a city other than yours?  Have you ever wondered how you can eliminate this communication barrier?  Thanks to the SwiftVoice™ system, this is no longer a problem!  Give your customers the convenience of calling a local number while still staying connected with your office in a different city.  The SwiftVoice™ system allows you to choose any number in the world for your office, all while keeping your communications cost low.

Seamlessly Connect Remote Offices or Employees Into a Unified Network

These days, the cost of hiring employees and contractors can be lowered by allowing them to work from a place that is convenient for them.  With the SwiftVoice™ PBX system, you can eliminate the communication barrier and always stay in touch with your employees or regional offices.  With virtually unlimited extensions every asset of your organization can have a phone.  Have a lot of account representatives that travel? Use the follow-me service to connect with them without the need of a secretary.  Your employees can now be independent.  They can be anywhere in the world and seem like they are speaking from your central office.

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