Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks

Properly Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow remote users the access to company files, data and applications. With SMAD’s VPN solution, your employees have the ability to remotely access your company based information, emails and server applications. From a basic setup to a more complex setup, SMAD carries solutions for any type of business.

Today, VPN solutions are becoming more of a norm, and SMAD is always keen on looking for opportunities in meeting your needs. Although VPN is becoming more advanced, so are the threats that oppose against it. SMAD also ensures that our clients utilize the best security features. With our service, your information is always encrypted with the strongest methods, ensuring that your company data is accessible by only to authorized users.

SMAD maintains all software and hardware configurations so that you may have the best security and performance.

Typical Scenario’s where VPN are needed:

  • In an environment where users require off site access to critical data.
  • Companies looking to extend geographically and accessing corporate files and emails becomes a necessity

Benefits of VPN service:

  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Fully control the functionality of your office PC from home
  • Multi-user file sharing
  • Access files securely, transfer and backup all files to or from Unix, Linux or Apple servers
  • Connect with Co-workers via VPN networks for business meetings or consulting
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